Welcome to the Hawks Nest

Mission Statement

Engaging every student while inspiring success and building dreams.

Vision Statement

Through a unified effort between our staff, board, administrators, parents and community, we will strive to positively impact the life of each student by instilling pride, the love of learning and academic excellence while meeting their social and emotional needs. We will use an innovative 21st Century learning curriculum and diverse planning to help mold each student’s sense of character and workmanship, providing every student with skills to be successful in life.


Demolition of Primary School and Middle School Update:

The demolition of the old Primary School in Macon began on February 1st.  The project will last approximately 3 weeks.  Prior to beginning the demolition, the school district removed the cornerstone at the Primary School and also found a time capsule behind it.  The link below shows photos of the contents of the time capsule.  The school building in Blue Mound formerly used as Meridian Middle School and Blue Mound High School will begin demolition approximately in Mid-March of 2016.  The district also removed the cornerstone at this location, but no time capsule was present.  The school district plans on using the cornerstones from the old Macon High School, Macon Grade School, Blue Mound High School as well as a plaque from Macon Grade School to make a bench that will sit on the grounds of the Macon Campus.


Primary School Time Capsule Photos