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Engaging every student while inspiring success and building dreams.

Vision Statement

Through a unified effort between our staff, board, administrators, parents and community, we will strive to positively impact the life of each student by instilling pride, the love of learning and academic excellence while meeting their social and emotional needs. We will use an innovative 21st Century learning curriculum and diverse planning to help mold each student’s sense of character and workmanship, providing every student with skills to be successful in life.

State Budget Impasse:

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As you may know by now the budget impasse at the State level continues as legislators and the Governor were unable to reach agreement on a budget. In the coming days you will hear a great deal of speculation pertaining to whether schools will open in the fall. Without a state appropriation for K-12 education for the 2016-2017 school year, many school districts will face dire circumstances.

For Meridian CUSD #15, state funding comprises nearly 43% of revenue for the Education Fund and about 67% percent of revenue for the Transportation Fund. The district has fund reserves that will allow the opening of school and should sustain the district through the first semester and partially into second semester. Of course, this would mean that the dysfunction at the Capitol has resulted in a shift of the cost of educating Illinois’ children to local property taxpayers.

The top priority for our elected officials must be to enact a budget that includes adequate funds for public schools for the upcoming school year. This will ensure that schools across the state open on time and are adequately funded for the full year. An evidence-based funding model is the most sound and fair long-term answer to having an adequate and equitable school funding model in Illinois. It is founded on research-based practices.

The toxic climate at the Capitol often leads one to avoid getting involved. Yet, as taxpayers and as citizens who are concerned about the health and future of our state, now is the time to be engaged. Contact your elected officials to let them know your feelings about the current “state of our state.”

Meanwhile, be assured that your Board of Education and I will continue to monitor this situation closely. We will also continue to develop contingency plans to respond to the prospect of an ongoing budget impasse into the fall. We are committed to continuing the outstanding educational services that your child deserves, and are committed to serving our school community without interruption. Thank you for your continued support of our schools.



Dan Brue, Superintendent

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